Mission Picture

Mission Picture
We're in Africa!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

This is....

 This is where we live. Our apartment is on the second floor, the one you can barely see between the two buildings. We call it "The Pink Palace."

This is the truck we drive. It says Missionary on the front and has a humanitarian logo on the sides and back that says "LDS Charities, Strengthening Families." Anybody notice anything else about our truck?

This is the back of our office building before the new paint.
This is the front of our office building.

This is the inside of our office building. If you look really close you can see Elder Dever at his computer in our office straight ahead, basking in the sunshine of another beautiful day.

This is the view from our office. We can see the ocean, the beach where kids play soccer and in the distance we can see the city of Monrovia.

This is where we sleep all safe and sound under our mosquito net (except that I woke up the other morning and saw the mosquito that we had trapped inside the net with us). He was fat and happy!

This is one of the places that we shop. It is called Waterside and it is a very busy shopping area. If you are claustrophobic you would not want to shop here.

This is the church that we used to attend until last week. We now attend a church that is two hours  from where we live (on very bad roads) We appreciate our 10 minute drive to church on Bainbridge Island.

This is Elder and Sister Dever sending their love to family and friends.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This photo is a real prize.  Up until now, the most people we have seen on a motorcycle taxi is four.  We had heard of five people on a cycle but never thought we would see six.  Don't know what the last guy was sitting on.

On any moving truck you will see the men who are hired to load & unload it.

It is very difficult for large trucks to negotiate the narrow, crowded city streets.  Coca-Cola came up with a great solution for a delivery vehicle.

A few months ago, motorcycles taxis were banned from operating on some of the largest and busiest city streets because they were the cause of many serious accidents.  These three-wheelers, however; can still operate on all the streets.

When there is no more room inside the car you do the next best thing to get from point A to point B.  I wonder if he paid the full fare. 

I hope the driver of this three-wheel taxi doesn't get a flat tire and need to use his spare tire.