Mission Picture

Mission Picture
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Handing Over

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, we had the hand over ceremony at the Peminase Clinic. After giving something to a clinic or community they have a gathering to accept the gift and to say thank you. It was a grand event. They decorated the premises, invited dignitaries (including chiefs and the District Health Director) and the community turned out in force. We estimated that around 200-250 people were in attendance.
Here we are with Grace (the Midwife in charge of the clinic) and her staff showing off their new delivery bed. The LDS church donated a delivery bed and hospital beds and other much needed equipment along with a well as they had no water at their clinic. They do now, and the community is thrilled! The clinic will sell the water to community members to raise funds to help support the clinic.

New Machines

New hospital beds

New equipment

The pump house ready for the ribbon cutting.

Chiefs and other community leaders

A very happy community!

As part of the program these school children came prepared to recite poems that they had written for the occasion.

A dance group performed

This little girl carried the scissors used for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

 We are happy to support this community by supplying water and helping their clinic. Grace and her staff are very dedicated workers and the community is very supportive. As we are nearing the end of our mission in Ghana we are now handing over the items we have donated to the communities and they are so grateful for the help they have received at the hands of LDS Charities. It has been an honor for us to represent the church as missionaries.