Mission Picture

Mission Picture
We're in Africa!

Friday, December 26, 2014


We were privileged to spend Christmas Eve with some new friends at the Edwenase Rehabilitation Center in Kumasi.  The Center is for physically & mentally challenged young people who for various reasons cannot live in their homes.  At the Center they learn skills that will enable them to earn livings when they are integrated back into their communities.   We arrived there with 16 young missionaries and four couples and enjoyed 2 hours of singing, dancing, a short Christmas video, snacks and visiting.  They might be the two most valuable hours we have passed here in West Africa.  We can't imagine a better way to spend Christmas Eve. 

This girl is their song leader & sings beautifully
Our four young sisters along with the groups song leader, lead us in singing Christmas carols.

This girl used her charm & a little hard-sell
technique to sell me a pair of hand-beaded sandals.

        This young man is without sight & is an
 excellent drummer
President Holmes, who is from South Africa, gives us a Djembe drumming lesson.
Modesto is the Director of the Edwenase Rehabilitation Center.  He runs an excellent program and is loved by all.

Two of our missionaries drumming for the dancers.


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  1. What beautiful pictures and sounds like you had a wonderful evening. It may have even been louder than our Christmas Eve. :)