Mission Picture

Mission Picture
We're in Africa!

Monday, February 9, 2015

We love...

Since this is Valentines week we want to share a picture of the family we love at home and some of the interesting things we love seeing here in Africa that we don't see at home:

Trees full of bird nests
Calabash Trees

Baboons on the side of the road

A taxi full of chickens flying around loose in the back of the car

 Newborn babies in an orphanage


The LDS Temple in Accra, Ghana

Colorful bugs and colorful fabric

Beautiful churches
Pink chickens, painted to camouflage them from the hawks

There are many sights, sounds, foods, people and experiences that we love here in Africa. We are wishing all of our family and friends a very Happy Valentines Day and sending you our love.        Mike and April


  1. Loved visiting Ghana vicariously with you.

  2. Photos make it all more real. Thanks for helping us connect through what you see. Happy Valentine's Day, and our love to you,
    Pam and Greg